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Exploring Bit is the site that is dedicated to providing knowledge about computer science and technology to the people in such a method that everyone can understand how fascinating technology can be.

As the creator of Exploring Bits and students of computer science, I observed that the topics in computer science can be fascinating but it greatly depends on how it is delivered and many content creators are making the topic more complicated by using highly complicated language and lack of variation in content delivery method. Also they content creators are just writing these topics that seem to be like reading a summarised end of the topic and with the various media available such as videos and infographics can make the same thing more enjoyable and more memorable to users.

The Lack of the right method of delivery of knowledge in the field of technology and computer science has made this awesome and interesting field of studies more limited to engineers but this type of knowledge is meant for everyone who has the technical approach for solving day to day problems.

Our team goal is based on how we can make the technology concept so simple to understand and make it at the same time fascinating that the student can easily grasp the concept and understand how awesome the technologies can be and what are the importance of these technologies on daily life and improving the lives of others.

We plan to incorporate various media of delivering our value to the user and giving the peeks to the users of the possibilities that exist around technology innovations that are going today by the use of 3D media in which users can interact and think for the moment was it even possible.

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Welcome to be fascinated by technology.

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